User guide

The purpose of this user guide is to give a basic overview of the CheckTrees app workflow and possibilities. It is not a reference manual with a detailed description of all features and settings. It you need more detailed information please let us know.


Create an arborist account on

While the data is collected using the tablet app the final steps are performed on the website. Please create an arborist account on the website. The app will ask you to log in using the account credentials.

  1. Go to website.
  2. Click Register as Arborist button.
  3. Fill in all necessary informationa and complete the registration.

Install CheckTrees app from the Google Play Store

Install the app from the Google Play Store. The app is designed for 10 inch Android tablets.


Collect tree data using the CheckTrees app

Login to the app and create a new project. In the catalogue create the project structure (districts, sites). In the map screen you will record tree and tree group positions, fill in their measurements, assessment, recommended treatments and associates. It is recommended to backup the project during the work.


Upload finished project to

When finished with collecting data it is necessary to upload the project to the website.


Browse the project data, edit site information, upload photos

It is possible to further view and edit the project on the website.


Release project data

To be able to work with the project outside of the portal or to be able to publish the project on the website it is necessary to release the project data. To release the project data you need credit units which you can buy either using a payment card gateway from the website or via invoice or in smaller quantities via in-app purchases directly in the tablet app (uses Google Play store). You will need two credit units for each new tree and one credit unit for each tree which has already been released in the past.


Export released project data

It is possible to export release project data in the Shapefile and XLS format. The export is usually ready withing an hour and you are informed about it by email.


Publish the project on the website

It is possible to publish the released project on the website. When published the project will be assigned to a data owner with a Partner account who will be able to manage his data using the tools available on the website.


Update the project data

It will be possible to update the project data. The exact mechanism is being work on.